The Best Way to Find New Vendors with Direct Mail

The Best Way to Find New Vendors with Direct Mail

The Australian real estate market is one of the toughest on the planet. With the shortage of properties in most capital cities, you need to be highly creative and persistent in your marketing approach if you want to succeed. That’s why it’s crucial for real estate agents to cover every angle and include direct mail as part of their marketing mix. 

Direct mail marketing is highly targetable and helps make real estate agents look professional. It’s easy and can be automated, making it a great way to reach potential clients. By personalising your message, and maybe even including an attention-grabbing offer, you can encourage recipients to take action and contact you – and, after all, that’s exactly what a real estate professional is after. 

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about how to use mailers for real estate to find new vendors.

What Form of Mailer Works Best When Marketing to Find New Vendors?

There are many current direct mail trends – different types of real estate mailers, each with their own unique purposes. For instance, you wouldn’t send keepsakes or gifts out to a potential client, those are for after a deal has closed. And for cost reasons, you wouldn’t want to send your beautiful branded magazine until you’ve warmed up a lead first – that could get expensive fast!

When marketing to find new vendors, we recommend you start with postcards. Postcards are the most cost-effective mailers for real estate agents when approaching a cold market and, when done right, they can be eye-catching and build strong brand awareness. They get your shining face and your contact info out to the neighbourhoods you want to target.

Steps for a Successful Postcard Campaign

Design Your Postcard with Digital Direct Real Estate

Without leaving your office, DIY design using your prefered online platform, address and deliver your campaigns to your door step or right to the letterboxes of the vendors you have chosen. 

With a wide range of templates and easy-to-use tools, create beautiful, professional-looking mailers in minutes. Whether you send out addressed mailers or unaddressed mailers, your new vendors will be impressed with the beautiful postcards you created just for them.

Print, Book and Send!

There are plenty of ways to obtain addresses for the neighbourhoods you want to take over. In fact, Digital Direct Real Estate makes it a breeze to narrow down your target location for your letter box drop. Simply type in a postcode, select your print product, and book in the delivery. 

Follow Up in Person

About a week or so after you send your postcards you might consider walking those same neighbourhoods to introduce yourself in person. You can consider them warm encounters now, having broken the ice a little with the postcards you’ve just sent. Be sure and have materials to hand out once you get there, something of value, like a current local market report

If the homeowners seem interested in possibly selling, be sure you note their details so you can reach out again, and get a telephone number and/or email address so you can schedule a listing appointment.

Send Another Postcard!

You’ll want to thank the ones who answered their doors, gave you the time and expressed interest in possibly selling soon. So create another postcard and get it sent out, just for those few. Or, use this as a repeat marketing opportunity, to increase the chances of the homeowners taking action.

Quick, Easy, Targeted Marketing to Find New Vendors

Create, book, print and deliver with Digital Direct Real Estate. Maintain your relationships with your potential and current clients and send stunning materials out as often or as little as you need. 
With a couple of clicks, you can create marketing campaigns in minutes. We make your job easier, saving you time and money, so you can get out and do what you do best – serve your clients.

Contact us today to discuss all of your direct mail options.